Metaverse Loot Places (for Adventurers)
Loot Places are the playing fields for Adventurers. They form the Metaverse, the infinite garden, the limitless world for Punks, Apes, Pengus, Rocks, Chads, and OGs.
Each Place NFT is a website (a domain, a subdomain or URI) with selected properties. The NFT assigns your individual set of properties to the website.
Loot Places can be claimed from a fair smart contract. When you claim a Place NFT, you become the owner or co-owner of the social layer on that website, be it,, or even As owner you have special rights on this website. You will be able to mine treasures and experience adventures. You will see a world that was hidden before.
There are #8000 Places (for Adventurers) in the Metaverse collectible. They can be minted directly on Etherscan, without any further requirements. Or you can claim one using the button below. Everyone is invited, not just Loot owners.
(While in times of high gas cost and solid ETH prices transaction fees are sufficient to protect from mass minting, leaving the protection to transaction fees is not a good design. Therefore there is a nominal charge of ETH 0.005 to protect from mass minting just in case transaction fees go down unexpectedly. Currently, the nominal charge is less than the transaction cost, which should be OK.)
You can already meet people on web pages. Very soon you will be able to walk with your Ape, Punk or other PFP in the infinite garden and meet with the community. You will be recognized as the rightful owner of your original NFTs and you will be able to trade them directly. You might even battle for ownership of websites and your Loot Places NFT will set the stage.
Let the games begin.
Loot Place DAO

We believe in the values of cypherpunks, in web 3 identity, in the infinite garden metaverse and DAOs. We are working to allow all people holding a shared ownership in a Loot Place (for Adventurers) to organize into a DAO.


As Ryan says: We are entering the Metaverse. This is the frontier and we are glad you're with us on the journey.

Metaverse Places

For the Metaverse to have a spatial dimension it needs places. There are virtual worlds and NFTs with pieces of virtual land. But the Web already consists of uncounted places visited by billions each day. The Web is a significant part of the Metaverse where people live and meet.


  1. Go to the contract
  2. Connect your wallet (e.g. Metamask)
  3. Open the claim method
  4. Enter the nominal charge of 0.005 ETH
  5. Enter a free token ID (you will have to guess or use the 'tokenByIndex' method to find free ones)
  6. Press Write
  7. Authorize the transaction in your wallet

Avatars on Web Pages

Weblin is your web avatar. A browser extension that lets you meet people on web pages.


It is still early. Few understand.

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