Weblin shows the real life on web pages
You have an avatar on every web page and you meet other people who are on the same page at the same time. It's anonymous. It's on every web page. It's in real-time.
If you are online shopping, live streaming, attending a meetup, or reading the news. Together it's much more fun. Communicate with chat and video seamlessly anywhere on the web.
What now?
You get an avatar on your browser:
That's you.
Other people will also have avatars.
Then you meet them on the pages you visit.
network icon
Your social network on every page
The avatar lets you participate in ad-hoc social networks on every web page. The social experience is not restricted to social network silos. Meet your friends everywhere, anytime.
Also, meet new people who are in the same place at the same time. Your are reading the same stuff as this other guy? Maybe you have something in common.
livestream icon
Experience live content with your friends
Twitch live streaming, a book reading on youtube, the live concert of your favorite band. You can now watch all these live events together.
Weblin turns live events on streaming platforms into real community events. Talk to your friends and other visitors as it happens.
speech icon
Freedom of speech
Exercise your right. Rally for your cause. Wherever you go. Discuss whatever you like.
Be independent of chat rooms, local forums, videoconference apps. Talk during events and stay after the event.
Network, socialize, have fun.
avatar icon
Your avatar
chat icon
Chat everwhere
vidconf icon
Video conference
item icon
Virtual items
safe shield
It's just a browser extension.
It can be disabled anytime.
It protects your privacy.
It is completely anonymous.
It's free.
No account, no registration.
When you are gone, you are gone.
It's simple.
It just works.
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